About T S Lettering & Graphics

TS Lettering has been working on creating signs and decorative lettering schematics for companies and individuals throughout the Midwest for years.  We have made a specialty of sign creation, with unique styles and sizes for our customers.  We are a creative group of individuals who understand the need for stylistically unique and inventive designs for billboards, car lettering, as well as traffic signs, residential posters, and numerous other advertising products. 

We have a highly skilled staff that will assist you in perfecting the ideas that you wish to portray in an effective and cost efficient manner.  With our versatility in design and production you will not find a better place to have your signs and electrically powered messages made for you.  We will use traditional methods and styles to create a standard set of lights or signs for our customers, depending on their needs, or even create wholly unique and inventive signs dependent on our clients’ needs.

Our clients are the most important facet of our business, and we have dedicated our time and experience into creating the best possible signs and posters for our clients.  With lighting fixtures, paints, and different schematics for our electrical and printed signs, we will help our clients come up with the best possible products that they need made for the best possible price that they can afford.  TS Lettering will help you fulfill all your sign needs, whether it is for street signs for state and federal governments, or yard signs for our clients who are campaigning for office, or are just advertising for a worthy cause.  Whatever your needs, TS Lettering will be glad to help you find the best solution for your sign needs.  When you discover you need a sign or rack for your office, or anything else, remember TS Lettering is easily accessible and waiting to help you.